The Point of No Return

The point of no return refers to when your ear lobes have been stretched so far that they will not go back to their regular size. First of all, please keep in mind that everyone ears are different. You ears will shrink differently just as much as they will stretch differently from your friend’s lobes. You can go to a 1″ and shrink down to almost nothing or you can stretch to 1″ and only go down to a 3/4ths or 1/2″.

The point of no return is widely known to be a 2 gauge, meaning that you shouldn’t go past a 4 gauge plug if you want to be able to wear regular earrings again. I can personally vouch for this as I once went from a 0 gauge and took them out. My ears appeared to shrink back down to normal size, however when I put my diamond studs in the would easily slip through. This can also vary from person to person. A person can go up to a 00 gauge and shrink back down to normal as well, but remember and keep this in mind when you are stretching your ears. One of the main things I can suggest is taking care of your lobes while you’re in the stretching process, this way you have healthy lobes which is good for stretching as well as shrinking. If you have no blood flow to your ears, your lobes aren’t going to retain elasticity.