Tapers are a well known piece of jewelry in the ear stretching (or any piercing) world. They are also one of the most important tools and one of the tools that you have to use correctly. A taper is a piece of jewelry that will go from a small point to the size you are using. You’re basically looking at a circle that goes from a small point up to the size of the gauge you are going to.  Tapers

The way that you use a taper is very important. The narrow part of the taper goes through the ear hole until it has reached the biggest part. The biggest part is the wearable area which will equal the gauge size. This is the recommended way, however the most recommended thing to do is VISIT YOUR LOCAL PIERCER.

After cleaning the ear lobes, it is recommended to use an oil (Jojoba Oil is very good, Vitamin E oil – both are good for afterwards as well!) to lube up the taper and the ear lobe. Stretching without a healthy lubricant can tear the skin of the ear and be very painful.

We sell taper kits. This will normally be a set of 5-8 tapers, ranging from 6 gauge to 00 gauge for example. (6g, 4g, 2g, 0g, 00g) It is NEVER recommended to skip sizes.

Buying tapers is the first and most valuable step of the journey to ear stretching.