Ear lobe stretching has become more commonly practiced in our day and age. It was known as an ancient practice by many civilizations but it has now become a fashion statement or a favorable body modification for many people. Sometimes it’s even common for people to stretch their nose or lip piercings, though not as common as stretching your ear lobes. During any of this stretching, what happens is your are stretching the hole that your piercing is in, hence it being called stretching. During this time, a piece of jewelry is kept in the hole so that it cannot shrink or close up.

Now, when it comes to the size of the jewelry, or the hole in your ear, it is known as gauging or stretching. Both terms mean the same thing and they are both referring to making your piercing a bigger size using jewelry. It works the same for each person but you have to remember that each person’s body will react different. Some

Ear Stretching Oils? Lubrication?

Lubrication is a essential factor to keeping your skin/ears healthy.  Jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil, or another ear stretching safe oil are the most popular lubricants due to their natural ingredients and multiple uses.


Insertion Tapers: This method uses a round piece of jewelry. It is a long, narrow, circle that slowly gets smaller until it is a tiny end piece.

Taper Spikes: These are a bit shorter than insertion tapers. This are used the same as the insertion tapers but can be worn as jewelry, however that is not recommended once you get to a bigger size as this can distribute uneven weight.


AKA Sea Salt Soaks: Used to clean and help heal piercings or soothe irritated piercings.


A gauge is technically the size the jewelry is made. For example, a 14gauge= 1.6mm. Saying a person has “ear gauges” is slang for the person having stretched ears. We like both ways. 🙂