Let’s start with tapers. They are cone-shaped materials that are commonly used for gauging the ear stretch. Most tapers are less than three inches of steel or acrylic. Some are specifically designed to make insertion of jewelry or other gauge easier.

There are also available fake tapers that come in various designs, presenting a striking look of having a much larger stretch than the real measurement of your ear hole. More and more people are going for spiral tapers as well for its attractive intricacy and gorgeous materials.

Horns or hooks made of stainless steel, glass or plastic are also popularly used ear gauges. They come easy to put on the stretched ears and look well with other jewelry beside it, particularly the sterling silver or white gold materials.

Tapers Are Tools to Stretch Your Ears With

Tunnels are also good choices for ear gauges. The most common tunnels are made of cooled-liquid or glass, or wood that are crafted and designed. These choices can be really attractive to wear, along with options made of organic materials such as buffalo horn. Tunnels have a different look for its hollow centers.

Another common ear gauge would be plugs. Like tunnels, glass and wood are the most preferred materials for plugs. Organic expanders and plugs made of stone, shell, wood, animal bone and horns are also good choice of materials for plugs.

Now you’ve had your ears pierced and it will be soon that you’re ready to sport gauges, make your choice so you can make your statement!