A simple answer to the question “Can you get a job with stretched ears?” would be “Yes.” There are many employers who will gladly hire someone with larger-than-average lobes. As the popularity of stretching continues to grow, it is likely to become more and more accepted. However, there are still many companies with strict dress codes that may not be willing to overlook your earlobes. If you’re a teenager or young adult looking for a part-time job, your best bets are clothing stores, coffee shops, telemarketing jobs, music stores, and jobs that don’t require you to work with the public. Some places that may not accept stretched ears and other body modifications are grocery stores, restaurants (including fast food), department stores, and many others. The best thing to do when applying for a job is to ask people who work/have worked there what their dresscode is like. Even if something is in the employee handbook, they may not enforce it.

What If My Job Doesn’t Allow Stretched Ears?

So what if you really want a job that doesn’t tolerate stretched ears? If they have a no-jewelry policy for safety reasons (this is usually the case with restaurants and fast food places) and your stretches are big enough to go naked without shrinking, there’s a good chance you’ll still be able to get the job. If they allow standard earlobe piercings, you can probably get away with solid plugs as long as they aren’t too large. 0G and below can usually pass for “normal” earrings with a large front. If you have long hair, they can be extremely discreet. Most people won’t even see or notice stretched ears when they’re covered by hair. There is also the option of “hider” plugs, which are flesh-colored and typically made of silicone. You can wear them alone or “pierce” them with smaller earrings.

The same things apply to actual careers like teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc. although they will most likely be much more strict. Before you stretch your ears, it is very important to consider what career you’d like to end up with and whether or not they will tolerate it.