Ear stretching information, tips, how to’s, guides and more!

Can You get a Job With Stretched Ears?

A simple answer to the question “Can you get a job with stretched ears?” would be “Yes.” There are many employers who will gladly hire someone with larger-than-average lobes. As the popularity of stretching continues to grow, it is likely to become more and more accepted. Read More

Double Flares, Single Flares, And No Flares

With stretched ears, the possibilities of jewelry are almost infinite. All of those things can get confusing once you’re looking at the website with a million different options. One of the options on a lot of plugs are no flares, flares (on one side), or double flares. Read More

Ear Stretching Methods

Ear lobe stretching has been going on for centuries. Now we know it as an art form but back then it was so much more than that. People would stretch their ears, lips, tongues, etc and this would represent who they were in terms of status or would be a tribute to their religion. Read More

Ear Stretching Terms

When it comes to the size of the jewelry, or the hole in your ear, it is known as gauging or stretching. Both terms mean the same thing and they are both referring to making your piercing a bigger size using jewelry. Read More

How Big and Wide Can Your Ear Gauge Sizes Go?

Different people have different ear sizes. What looks good on others might not give you the same result. To better understand the art of ear stretching and how it would give your ear fashion statement the best look, it’s best to know the typical ear gauge sizes. Read More

How Fast Can I Stretch My Ears?

For ear stretching enthusiasts, the proper healing period between stretches is over six weeks. But this could differ from one person to another. To be on the safe side, you should wait more than eight weeks before you dive into the bigger gauge. Read More

How to Start Stretching Your Ears

You want to stretch your ears but you don’t know where to start… that’s pretty normal. Sometimes people go into it with no information and you can really mess your lobes up doing this and it can make future stretching a pain, which it never should be. You need to know that stretching your ears takes patience. Read More

Ready to have your ears stretched? Know These helpful facts…

Whatever is your reason for deciding to undergo ear stretching, it is important that you know how it’s done. You also need sufficient information about the tools used for every method, keeping your ears safe and maintained, as well as the measurement you want to start on. Read More

The Artistry Behind Ear Stretching / Gauging

Today, more and more professionals are specializing in ear stretching. It has been considered a modern day art based on ancient practices, now conducted with different modern equipment and creativity. Read More

The Point of No Return

The point of no return refers to when your ear lobes have been stretched so far that they will not go back to their regular size. First of all, please keep in mind that everyone ears are different. You ears will shrink differently just as much as they will stretch differently from your friend’s lobes. Read More