Check out the mustache contest going down on our facebook page

The winner will receive a giftcard to get a free pair of plugs on the website.

To enter, all you need to do is Like the post and comment on how many mustache plugs you think are in the mustache pint glass.

Winner picked on 10/4


Did you notice a little red ticket tucked into your order this month or last month? If not, they were for a drawing that was being held on the last day of August 2011.  Well, that day has come and we picked 10 winners! If you see your matching red ticket below, please email us or contact us directly 

10 winners

Each winner gets a $10 gift card

Ear Gauges Red Ticket Contest 2011

Hey Guy & Gals,

You might be wondering what the Red Ticket was you received in your recent order? They are for a customer drawing! Each and every person will receive a ticket with a new order. The drawing will be held at the end ofEarGauges.Net Tickets next month, August 31 2011. 10 winners will be picked. The winning red tickets will be posted right here and on our facebook page. Make sure to check back on August 31 to see if you won!

Happy Stretching EG-staff

Alright here are the winners to last months contest!

1st place = Free Pair of plugs (977)

2nd place = $10 Gift Card  (889)

3rd place = $7 Gift Card (901)

4th place = $5 Gift Card  (904)

5th place = $5 Gift Card (851)

Winners can claim their prizes by sending a picture of their winning ticket  to customer service department. Contact here

winner ear gauges

Wood Looks Good Contest

We are going to have a monthly contest starting this month in March. The winner will receive any pair of plugs he/she desires. Stay tuned for more information.

Organic Wood Plugs